Last night on The Nightly Show, Larry did some reporting on the NCAA and how it’s essentially a corrupt organization that uses its student athletes as free labour. Despite this, sports fans across the globe are busy filling out their tournament brackets and prepping for weeks of unproductivity as they cheer on their favourite teams that are probably called the Bulldogs. To spice things up this March, Larry came up with a bracket of his own that will not only appeal to sports nuts, but also fans of embarrassment.

As you just witnessed—unless your computer is so old that you can’t stream videos on itLarry has assigned a dare to every one of the 68 teams in the tournament, and whichever team wins, Larry will perform that dare. For example, if top seed Kentucky wins, Larry will be fed a meal like a baby bird. The first 32 dares are up now, but Larry needs your help to fill out the rest so Tweet your ideal dare with hashtag #DareLarry and get in on the action!

Here’s last night’s full episode in honour of Ireland's most celebrated basketball player, St. Patrick: