In all honesty, we didn’t craft this blog just so you can marvel at the amount of hard work that went into crafting the new Daily Show with Trevor Noah set. The goal was to get you interested with an attention-grabbing headline, give you the goods, and then use the rest of the post to remind you for the millionth time that the show is premiering tonight at 11ep and that you’d be a fool to miss it because it’s going to be an historic moment in television.

Then we realized that you Daily Show fans are intelligent and appreciative of the kind of hard work that went into building the set, so rather than post the video THEN remind you to watch the show, we’ve already promoted it leaving you all clear to enjoy a cool time-lapse video.

After viewing you can peruse the barren comment section or surf even lower for some corporate info regarding Bell Media. Whatever you choose is fine by us because our job is done. Everything you’re reading right now is simply filler designed to make this post look far more substantial than it is. Thank you for reading and please enjoy the premiere of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah tonight at 11ep on Comedy. Whoops, sorry, we did it again.