Have you been craving* more Letterkenny since watching the Letterkenny Problems shorts for the fiftieth time, or since you heard that a full-on, six episode series is coming to CraveTV on February 7?

No? Then we must question why you decided to read this blog post.

Whatever the case may be, you’re here now and that’s what we like about you. To celebrate the upcoming TV series, CraveTV will be releasing three brand new Letterkenny Problems shorts that’ll have you foaming at the mouth like a rabid coyote in springtime.

You can already get a taste of the new show by checking out the premiere’s cold open and these other clips conveniently hyperlinked.

It’d be pretty mean of us to tell you all this and now deliver the goods, so without further awareness of CraveTV**, here’s a brand new edition of Letterkenny Problems with your good buds Wayne, Daryl and Squirrelly Dan:

*Use of “craving” meant to promote CraveTV and its recent availability to all Canadians regardless of cable subscription. Subscribe, or add to Christmas list, now.

**Forgot about this footnote part so apologies for lying about no further mention of CraveTV.