The premiere of the fourth season of Inside Amy Schumer is tonight and word is that it’ll feature Amy’s real life sister, a sketch-long Betsy Ross reference, Questlove, and hot pockets. But Schumer’s successful streak extends way beyond the show. Since the first episode aired back in 2013, the comedian has hosted the MTV Awards, had her photograph taken for a NSFW calendar, and gone on a road trip in a crappy Ferrari with Jerry Seinfeld.
Also, this impressive stuff:
Schumer’s show won an Emmy for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series and she didn’t forget anyone in her acceptance speech.


Her name was added to multiple
Influential/Fascinating People lists, which is great but kind of overshadowed by the fact that there’s evidence of her making prolonged bodily contact with Tilda Swinton.


She wrote her first movie and wisely cast herself as the lead. It made over $140 million worldwide. That’s like four times its budget if you like math stuff. It’s called Trainwreck. Maybe you’ve heard of it.


She became best friends with Jennifer Lawrence. Like, the kind of best friends who
lose to each other at awards shows, co-star in movies about being related, and dance on top of Billy Joel’s piano together.


Amy was the opening act for all three of Madonna’s New York City dates on her Rebel Heart Tour. Her set was accompanied by
spanking, twerking and an announcement that she would be the first female comedian in history to play Madison Square Gardens this coming June.


She did some (unconfirmed) sex stuff with Star Wars droids.

And she got tickets to the impossible-to-get-tickets-to Broadway show Hamilton TWICE. Literally no one does that. 

Celebrate the season four premiere of Inside Amy Schumer. It’s tonight at 10pm on Comedy!