Look, we got no love for the U.S. national women’s soccer team after their numerous run-ins with our incredible Canadian squad, including that memorable Olympic semi-final in 2012 where we got totally screwed by a Norwegian referee. But we admit that without the U.S. the intense rivalry wouldn’t exist, depriving us of the intense sports drama that the men’s side has not been able to match.
That’s why it’s totally crazy that despite winning three World Cup titles and four Olympic gold medals, while producing twenty million dollars more in revenue than the boys, the American women make FOUR TIMES less than their male counterparts. Not only do they get paid less, but they’re often forced to play on artificial turf, which isn’t very kind to the knees and shins a footballer so heavily relies on.
The ladies have had enough, so in March of this year they filed a federal complaint claiming wage discrimination. Do they have a case? The Daily Show sent Hasan Minhaj to investigate, and he “scored” interviews with four prominent members of the women’s team, hipster blowhard Gavin McInnes, and the legendary Billie Jean King who knows a thing or two about gender discrimination in sports.