Amidst the growing grunge movement and innovations in cola technology, America fell in love with a saxophone blowing sex maniac named Bill Clinton. Citizens were so enamoured that they voted him their 42nd president, and what followed was a productive yet rocky two terms where Clinton’s appetite for genital stimulation and fondness for exploding Kosovo left crisp bruises on an otherwise handsome presidency.

Like most things in America, if something is deeply loved there’s a good chance it’ll come back as a sequel or special limited edition. In this case, Clinton’s spouse Hillary is keeping the franchise alive with a good-spirted run at president against a modern day supervillain whose power is derived from the encouragement of the ignorant. With only a couple of months until the public is treated to the highly anticipated final act of this blockbuster and Hillary on the sidelines with a disease that used to kill tons of farmers, Bill is using his considerable fame to help take his life partner to the same throne he once squat upon.

Last night Big Willy strut his six foot two inch frame onto the set of The Daily Show to meet up with fellow hunk Trevor Noah.  You’re more than welcome to watch that FULL episode, most of which is dedicated to the usual news skewering the show is known for with the final chunk featuring Clinton, OR scroll below for the web exclusive extended interview that’s PURE Clinton for an entire half hour.

In this extended version Clinton talks about his wife’s pneumonia and the foundation that bears his name, as well as Hillary’s campaign, and reality show host Donald Trump. Despite America seemingly crumbling before our eyes, Clinton thinks the country is actually doing just fine with the exception of “one remaining bigotry”: Americans don’t want to be around anyone who disagrees with them. We agree!

Check out the full extended interview below and keep it locked on The Daily Show Mon-Thurs at 11ep because there’s a lot to talk about surrounding America’s search for a new Grand Moff: