Now that Donald Trump is president of those United States, we’ve been forced to say goodbye to many a great thing: the possibility of sane healthcare for our southern sister, well-hosted episodes of Celebrity Apprentice, the environment, world peace, and Barack Obama.
It’s standard practice for every U.S. president to be duly represented in popular culture but thanks to his general coolness and appeal to entertainment industry types, Obama sprang up in bits on TV, movies, and the Internet a TON over these past eight years. One of the best was undoubtedly Key & Peele’s anger translator sketches that featured a spot-on, straight-laced Obama played by Jordan Peele alongside Keegan-Michael Key’s Luther, whose job was to let us know what Obama was really saying.
Key & Peele ended in 2015, which feels odd because most recent bummers seemed to have all happened in 2016. In any case, the boys decided to tip their wigs to the outgoing president in one final anger translator sketch and it all went down last night on The Daily Show.
Watch the sketch below along with a short interview with Key where he and Trevor Noah recount shooting The Daily Show on election night. Try to enjoy it as much as you can because comedy might not exist after January 20th, and if you’re feeling nostalgic fire up CraveTV and watch every episode of Key & Peele from now until forever…