Once mortal enemies vying for precious viewership, the brothers and sister of late night have now united to form a Voltron-esque mega robot of jokes and vitriol toward America’s latest and purportedly greatest president. Way back in the Valhalla that was 2015 you’d never see hosts even acknowledge the competition let alone share war stories on each other’s programs. But these are different times indeed, and on last night’s Daily Show, former employee and current HBO fake news admiral John Oliver stopped by to commiserate with Trevor Noah.

More specifically, the pair chatted about his ability to swear, the goals of Last Week Tonight, the “dispiriting” overreactions to some of their segments, and the differences between doing a weekly versus a daily show.

Oliver’s appearance proves once again we are living in a messed up version of the future; if you were to tell anyone from 2013 that in 2017 that scruffy British guy from The Daily Show would return as a guest to talk about his HBO show with a South African host who isn’t Jon Stewart, you’d be like, “whoa weird”. Then we’d tell you all the other stuff that’s happening and you’d go completely bonkers and try to freeze yourself with the goal of waking up once we've figured out interstellar travel. Anyway, here’s the segment!