To non-sports fans “March Madness” isn’t a basketball tournament but annual disease that makes one falsely believe that March weather is occasionally nice, leading to frustration and anger once they realize that no, March always stinks and always will.
While the darn jocks have always been able to distract themselves from the bleakness of March by enjoying a competition between young, large boys, we nerds are forced to huddle in our blankies while awaiting the warm caress of April. But thanks to The Daily Show, March 2017 will be a breeze to get though with the introduction of a brand new tournament called Third Month Mania that mixes the exhilaration of social media with the non-stop action of politics.
The bracket-style tournament will determine the single greatest Donald Trump tweet of all-time, pitting 64 hall of fame-worthy posts against each other across four different “conferences”, including Celeb Tweets, WTF Tweets, Government Affairs Tweets, and Enemies Tweets.
Round 1 is already underway and you can help make history by voting for your favourites now. We’re putting our money on the champion coming out of the WTF conference but there are strong contenders across the board. For more on the tournament, here’s The Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj and Roy Wood Jr.: