What is Comedy GO?

Comedy GO gives you access to the best live and on-demand content in Canada on many platforms at any time, everywhere. This new video streaming service allows you to enjoy many of your favourite TV shows live on multiple devices in addition to a large library of on-demand video content.

Can I access Comedy GO from any device?

Access to Comedy GO content is supported on iPhone, iPad, Android, and web-connected desktop and laptop computers. We currently do not support Blackberry.

Will streaming TV shows use my cellular data plan (3G/4G/LTE)?

If you are not connected to the internet through Wi-Fi, streaming video will use your data plan.

Can I watch Comedy GO content outside of Canada?

If you are outside Canada, Comedy GO will not be available to you for viewing.

Who is Comedy GO for?

Comedy GO is for everybody who loves amazing TV and has a subscription to The Comedy Network with a participating television service provider. Your access to Comedy GO programs is linked to your TV subscription.

Where do I get Comedy GO?

Comedy GO is available for download in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), or you can visit thecomedynetwork.ca to get started. Once you have downloaded the Comedy GO App or have gone to thecomedynetwork.ca, select "Sign In," select your TV service provider, and follow the login steps.

Content from Comedy GO is also available on set top box and other platforms provided by participating service providers.

My television provider is not listed, what can I do to get Comedy GO offered?

Comedy GO is provided to Bell FIBE, Bell Satellite TV, Rogers, Bell MTS, Bell Aliant, Cogeco, Eastlink, Source Cable, Shaw and TELUS subscribers, but we are in talks with all television service providers to get it in your hands. If your provider is not listed, please contact them and let them know you are interested.

Can I find out what shows are available to watch before I subscribe?

You don't need a subscription to browse or search the full Comedy GO catalogue. Visit thecomedynetwork.ca or download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Why is Comedy GO only available with a TV subscription?

Comedy GO is a complementary TV service designed to enhance the programming you already get from your TV service provider.

Comedy GO offers many more hours of content, exclusives and live streams of the broadcast channel, all available as added value to users who have a subscription.

Will Comedy GO use my personal information/data?

Comedy GO will never compromise or share personal information received from our customers. Any tracking for measurement purposes is done at an aggregate level and not at an individual one.

Any and all use of customer information will comply with our Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at http://support.bell.ca/Billing-and-Accounts/Security_and_privacy/How_does_Bell_respect_my_privacy.

Have another question about Comedy GO?

Email us at comedygo@bellmedia.ca

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