Match Game – Four Games - A Brief Explanation

Game One - Great Minds Think Alike –Contestants 1 & 2


This is the most familiar game to those of us who remember the original Match Game. This is played for two rounds in Acts One and Two respectively. The two contestants are seated; one is previously chosen to play first. Contestant 1 chooses a question either A or B. The question has a blank in it.


E.g. At the Calgary Stampede, Debra was very impressed when she saw the horse’s _____. 


Contestant 1 and all six panelists write their answers. Then the Contestant’s answer is compared to the answer of the celebrity panel for each match the contestant receives 25 points. This process is repeated for Contestant 2.  


There are two rounds of this game, (a total of 4 questions and answers) all six panelists play each time. 


Game 2 - On The Same Wavelength – Contestants 1 & 2 (tiebreaker if necessary) 


This game is played in Act 3 each contestant plays with a celebrity panelist of their choosing (they must each choose a different one). Then they play a parallel game to make as many matches as they can in 45 seconds. They are presented with a series of two phrases and must choose one .For each answer that matches the contestant gets 25 points.  


Eg. American Beauty, Cream of Mushroom,  Michelle Williams

       American Pie,  Cream of Wheat,  Michelle Obama 


Tie breaker is a best of five additional phrases. The lowest scoring Contestant is eliminated after this round. 



Game 3 - Match the Crowd - Finalist Contestant only 


This game concludes Act Three, and is played by the remaining contestant. In this game a Keyword with an accompanying blank is shown to the contestant and panel. The contestant chooses three panelists to supply a word to fill in the blank. The contestant chooses which answer they think is best and it is compared to audience survey answers for the same word and blank. There are three top audience answers assigned to money values in ascending order. If a match is made the contestant wins the amount of money in the corresponding position. 



e.g.  Original Clue   : Traffic _______

Panelist answers:  Light, Jam and Pollution 

Contestant chooses:  Light (as the best answer)

Host reveals Audience survey answers 

$100  Traffic  Cop 

$300  Traffic  Jam

$500   Traffic  Light 

Contestant wins $500 


Game 4 - Star Wheel Spin/ Head-to-Head Match 


This is the final game of the episode. The Star wheel has all the panelists’ names on it. The Contestant spins the wheel to find out who they will play with in the final round.  The arrow rolls around the wheel ending on the name of one panelist. 


Then the contestant and the panelist are given a final clue. (Another single word clue with a blank.)


e.g.  SNOW _______  ( possible answers; ball, blind, storm, White, etc) 


The panelist writes down their answer on a card. When they are done the contestant says their guess out loud. Then the panelist reveals their answer. 

If there is no match the contestant goes home with the dollar equivalent of their score to date.


If there is a match they are playing for 10 times the amount of money they won on the audience match with a maximum of $5000.00.


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